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Conflict Of Interest For Wilkes Barre Attorney

Not every Wilkes Barre attorney you attempt to hire is going to be able to take your case. They have a duty through the laws to avoid any type of suit where there could be a conflict of interest. This is for your well-being as well as for the validity of the legal system to be upheld. Once you start telling them about your lawsuit, they may inform you they can't represent you.

A conflict of interest for a Wilkes Barre attorney can fall under a wide umbrella of reasons. One of them could be they are related to or very good friends with someone on the opposite side of that suit. They certainly wouldn't want to represent you and go up against that individual. It isn't going to serve them well personally or ethically.

Sometimes, the issue is they happen to be representing the other party involved on another lawsuit. I once asked a great attorney to handle a civil case for me but he had to decline in Wilkes Barre. He told me the other party was actually someone he was already representing in a separate DUI. It would have been a conflict of interest for him to also represent me and be part of a lawsuit against that client.

The conflict checking system isn't foolproof though and there are times when things will slip through in Wilkes Barre. For example, a client can change their last name and that may make it harder for the Wilkes Barre attorney to know they have something with that other party. They don't realize it until the show up in court with you and see the person face to face.

The more people involved in the case you are pursuing or you are legally obligated to defend yourself against, the higher the risk of the conflicts being in place. The good news is many Wilkes Barre attorney offices have more than one attorney available. Get Michak Law from ml. If one of them has a conflict someone else may be able to step in and take care of the case for you without it being a problem.

A top notch Wilkes Barre attorney will openly let you know if they feel there is any conflict of interest in the works. They won't just look the other way and they won't pretend they didn't know. If it is discovered later it could result in an appeal and that isn't something they want to go through for any given case. It could also put their licensing with the BAR on the line if they didn't disclose what they knew at that point in time.

Be prepared for conflict of interest to happen with a Wilkes Barre attorney. If you live in a small town the risk is even higher. Don't be discouraged though, just fully disclose as much as you can so they can make an informed decision. If they find out later they can't represent you and you already hired them it can be messy for you to get new representation. It can also delay your court proceedings from moving forward.

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